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Our environment highly influences our mind and soul. A clean and peaceful environment with a breath of fresh air is something that no one can resist. There are many people who are often deprived of such an environment because of the hefty amount of money required to get needed apparatus and latest technology to create, maintain and sustain such an environment. In addition to having a clean and peaceful home, many people in cooler climates are deprived of having a warm home as well due to financial reasons.

But what if they are introduced to economically efficient, modern air tight techniques which can help them in producing clean energy for keeping their home warm? Many people are unaware of the fact that there are many simple, small things that they can do by themselves to provide that clean, peaceful and warm environment for themselves at home. If you are interested in finding out what these simple Do It Yourself Projects are, then Warmer Healthy Homes is just the place for you.

Who We Are?

Warmer Healthy Homes is an online web portal aimed at sharing various ideas and DIY projects for making your homes healthier with warm air and harvesting clean energy. There are tons of projects on our website which can be surfed up and tried. DIY projects involve modern air tight techniques which are tried and testing.

What we offer?

We offer DIY projects for making your home environment and surroundings a better place to live in. Our projects come with simple to follow instructions and can be conducted with basic required instruments without any specialized technical knowledge. In order to make it easier for you, most of our projects come backed up with video instructions. Visuals make it easier for you to learn the techniques and even memorize them better.

Contribute to us!

Are you an enthusiast who has got skills at modern air tight techniques? Share your ideas and techniques with the world in form of DIY projects at Warmer Healthy Homes. Getting started with us as a contributor is easy. All you got to do is to follow the steps are mentioned below and get your first project up and running on our website:

Register Online as a Contributor on WHH


Build a contributor’s profile after logging in by uploading a profile picture and putting your introduction text


Next, submit your first DIY project for clean energy or warmer homes using modern air tight techniques.

Attach photographs and videos to support your project and make it easier for reader’s to understand and execute the tasks.


Hit SUBMIT and submit your project for approval


Our editors will go through the project to do a quick review before it is posted online and shared with our community at Warmer Healthy Homes.

Why Warmer Healthy Homes? 

Warmer Healthy Homes, being a DIY initiative, has got loads of benefits to be used as a platform for ideas related to making your home warmer, healthier and a hub of clean energy. Here is why you should use WHH!

Tons of DIY projects to try hands at

Cheap alternates to clean energy generation with homemade solar panels 

Video Tutorials for better visuals and understanding

Totally FREE to register and use

Comments options to clear doubts and ask questions from the project creator

So what are you waiting for? Login to Warmer Healthy Homes today

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Read what some of our creative clients have said about our services!

WHH is a good platform for those who would love to try experimenting for the betterment of their homes. I share all their projects on my social media with my friends. I have made my home is to such a better place. All thanks to them!
Tony K. Fraley

Warmer Healthy House is a really cool website. I have made solar energy with their projects and now I am willing to try out a clean energy house warming project next month. They really have some great DIY projects!
Sandra C. Dickson

I have been using Warmer Healthy Homes for checking out unique ideas and I have loved them. I am soon going to try a project that I found and love and will share pictures with everyone in the comments.
Debra J. Luckett

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